I have reached the age that I am retiring and have sold my equipment.  I am currently offering items from my current inventory which includes mostly pens and a few shaving sets.  For past customers or anyone looking for something specific I have friends with lathes and MIGHT be able to fill an order.  Should I change my mind I will be buying smaller and simpler equipment more appropriate for the smaller items I currently make.  I have shut off the shopping cart so if you see something your would like contact me and we can see if something from my inventory will suit your needs.  Thank you one and all.

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the many and wonderful customers I have met since 2004 when I started creating and selling my products.

Welcome to my store, I hope you enjoy your visit

This is the portal page that starts you on your path to fine writing instruments and wet shaving brushes and razors both individually or as sets, also cuff links and miscellaneous accessories.

  Fountain Pens and Rollerballs

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    Artist and Writer's Pencils

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           Ballpoint Pens

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   Cuff links and Accessories

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I have nearly nearly two hundred pens and pencils made at any one time so instead of trying to post every one of them I have set my pen and pencil sections up to show pen style with options for plating and wood choices and pen type in the case of fountain pen or rollerball.  That way you can customize the pen just the way you want by choosing your plating and wood from burl and high end woods down to more common woods. If you are looking for something special and the options just don't give you what you are looking for contact me and we will get exactly where we want to go.  I will send pictures once the pen is done and invoice you directly.

     Shaving Equipment

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I have a few shaving sets in inventory at this time and will not be making more.  If you are interested in a set contact me and I will send pictures of what I have on hand.  Go to the Wet Shaving link  on the sample page for information about the sets.

I have been turning wood for nearly twenty years and have been selling in the street artist's market in the San Francisco Financial District since 2004.  I have made thousands of pens over the years and hundreds of shaving sets and salt and pepper mills so I have honed the skills necessary to make a fine product.

You can contact me at any time for custom work or if you just want to run an idea past me.  Thanks for your time and I appreciate your business.