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My shaving brushes are all Silver Tip Badger brushes which are the highest grade of brush available.  The knots I use are hand tied which means that the tips are not trimmed making them the softest and most water absorbant brush you can use. 


I can set the razors up with the Gillette Mach III or Fusion.  The old school double edged safety razor is also available.


The stands can be either chrome or gold plated (I mostly make chrome plated sets but gold is available on request).  The stand breaks down into three parts to make it easy to clean or a compact travel package.


All of the components of the set are available individually so if you only want a brush or razor I can do that.  Set prices range from $225 to $300 depending on cost and beauty of the wood, the quality in all of my sets is the same.  Individual brushes range from $125 to $200 and razors and stands range from $75 to $100 again depending on cost and beauty of the wood.


If you are looking for a truly high end shaving brush you may want to consider the High Mountain White (HMW) Silver Tip brush.  The HMW bristles are from the badger that grow in the high mountains in northern China where because of the harsh climate the hair is denser and ultra luxurious, this is the ultimate in a shaving experience, add $75 to the cost of the brush or set to upgrade to the HMW.  Go to my SHAVE SETS page for available sets or CONTACT me for special requests and we can talk about wood and specific prices.


For everything you ever wanted to know about shaving brushes and wet shaving visit the Shaving 101 website, it is just full of information

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