I have been making pens for nearly 20 years and have made several thousand of them over the years.  I generally have between 100 and 150 pens and pencils in inventory at any one time so it is too time consuming to list each item individual; therefore, I create each pen according to your personal taste and needs. 

Go the the BALLPOINTS or FOUNTAIN PENS & ROLLERBALLS page and choose the type pen you want then use the drop down boxes to choose the plating, wood choice, and (if applicable) size of fountain pen nib or rollerball option.  If you have specific needs that are not on the list note them in the special request box, or if you want to discuss your needs prior to ordering go to my CONTACT page and send an email or call me. 






Salt and pepper mills are not as hard to keep track of as pens so I plan on posting my inventory mills and a generic products for custom orders in the various styles that I make.  Go to the PEPPER MILLS sample page for a complete description of the mills and the mechanism (it's a good one) or go to the SALT & PEPPER MILLS page for sales.  CONTACT me for more information.






Like my mills I generally only have several sets in inventory so the SHAVE SETS page will show my inventory sets and a generic set for custom orders.  Go to my WET SHAVING page for a complete description of what you can expect from one of my shaving sets and accessories or CONTACT me for more information.





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