There are so many woods in this world that it can be hard to choose which one you want.  After sixteen years selling my work in the San Francisco Financial District I have narrowed my favorites down to a hand full.  I have chosen these woods for their beauty, availability and durability. 

The links below will take you to either the Hobbit House Wood ID site or The Wood Database, a couple of marvelous websites that describe the wood and has pictures.  Some of the choices will be in more than one categories since they can range from dark to light or plain to figured.

Burl woods:

Maple Burl  -  Scroll down about 1/4 page to find the burl pictures.

Madrone Burl  - Scroll down about 1/2 page to find the burl pictures.

Walnut Burl  - Scroll down a bit over 1/2 page to find the burl pictures.

Brown woods: 

Desert Ironwood see also Ironwood - Native to Arizona, New Mexico, So. California and No. Mexico.  One of my favorites.

Black Acacia - Native to Australia where it is called Tasmanian Blackwood but imported as an ornamental tree.  Often used as          substitute for Hawaiian Koa.

Walnut - There are so many different walnuts from around the world I am listing some of the most common.

         Claro Walnut  - Native to California, used as root stock for English Walnut.

         Black Walnut  - Found through out the US.

         English Walnut  - Native to eastern Europe and Asia but imported for their nuts.

         Bastogne Walnut  - A cross between Claro and English Walnut.  Also called Paradox Walnut.

Tan/light brown:

Desert Ironwood - See above.


Masur Birch - Native to No. Europe and Scandinavia.  Masur isn't a type of birch but a description of the figure which is the                 brown flecks and streaking in the wood caused when the Masur beetle bores through the tree - the figure is what is                   created as the tree heals itself.

Bird's Eye Maple 


Black Oak


African Blackwood 


Black and White Ebony  - Native to SE Asia, primarily Laos.  It can be all black, black and white mix or mostly white.  The white comes out more of a yellow with the finish.





Highly figured:


Black and White Ebony      

Desert Ironwood 

Masur Birch